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Fillings and Sealants

Tooth decay and cavities are both common dental issues. Receiving tooth-colored fillings can restore your teeth and help to prevent simple decay from becoming something worse.

At the Dentist

Tooth Fillings and Sealants in Garden Grove, CA

Tooth fillings are a simple restoration procedure method that can restore material lost to cavities or other mild decay and deterioration. Fillings are perhaps the most common dental procedure besides regular cleanings and issues with fillings holding are very uncommon. At Westgrove Dental Care, we offer composite fillings because they are tooth-colored and have a natural appearance.

Dental sealants are a thin coating that is applied to teeth to protect them from cavities. Sealants are usually used to prevent cavities in children but can be used in adults as well. This preventative treatment lowers the odds of developing cavities in the chewing surfaces of your back teeth that are harder to reach. These grooves, pits, and fissures are narrow and hard to clean with a toothbrush, they’re some of the areas most at risk for cavities. By placing sealants over those surfaces, we create a shallower, smoother surface that is easier to clean. Sealants are a quick and affordable option to prevent cavities, particularly in children who are still developing proper hygiene habits.

Dental Instruments Used During Tooth Fillings and Sealants

More Questions?

If you have any more questions about tooth fillings or sealants, or other types of restorative dentistry, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.

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